Captive insurance provides an efficient mechanism for businesses to manage their financial and event risks, by self-insuring some or all of their own risk exposures. Eikos delivers captive consulting and management services from Bermuda and London. For businesses wishing to take advantage of the risk management solutions offered by a traditional single parent captive insurance but who did not want to establish a captive of their own, we are also able to facilitate access to a cell-captive solution through our association with facilities in various captive jurisdictions.

Eikos founding partner, Tony Valsamakis, was involved in the establishment of pioneering cell captives insurers such as Guardrisk Insurance Company South Africa, Euroguard Insurance Company Gibraltar, Red Sands Insurance Company Gibraltar, and Norfolk Reinsurance Company Bermuda.



Some of the benefits of a captive or cell-captive include:

  • The ability to retain underwriting profits and investment income
  • Reduction in reliance on the commercial insurance market providing the opportunity for efficient structuring of
    risk transfer solutions with appropriate re-insurance and the ability to achieve reduced risk pricing
  • Access to cover for otherwise uninsurable or highly priced risks
  • Structure risk retention across diversified groups within a global business

Our offering includes a comprehensive service, from initial feasibility studies to the establishment and management of
captive insurance companies. In conjunction with our analytics and modelling services Eikos is well-positioned to deliver:

  • Captive advice including analysis of the various retention options, types of captives most suitable for the business objectives
    and review of the relevant domiciles including costs and regulatory oversight
  • Eikos can assist clients in accessing captive facilities in a wide range of alternative domiciles including Gibraltar, Isle of Man,
    Bermuda and Malta, among others.